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Father's Day Subscription Ideas for Canadians

When I lived in Ottawa for school, my dad would drive up from Toronto at the beginning of the fall semester and end of every winter semester so I could spend my summers in Toronto. The minivan (more on that later) would be packed to the brim with all my stuff, plus a mattress somewhere on the top but he’d do it without even asking me to pitch in for gas.

I know that a lot of our fathers and important men in our lives do their best and show us love in the ways that only they can. With Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to show appreciation for the things they’ve done for us and taught us during our lives so far! We’ve compiled a list of subscription ideas that some dads will really dig!


Sets starting at $64/2 months, shipping extra

Get 20% off any purchase with the promo code “20DADSDAY2020” until June 23!

Men’s skin is thicker and has more collagen than women’s skin which means they won’t show signs of aging as quickly as women’s skin. But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet! When collagen levels in men do drop off, the signs of aging will begin to show very quickly…

I will take responsibility for 35% of the wrinkles on my dad’s face. If you feel the same kind of guilt, or if even if you’re the favourite child who did no wrong, try treating him to some skincare. They might not admit it, but there’s something special that happens to your soul as you tap tap tap in some eye cream with your ring finger. It’s never too late to get started on the skincare train and Lumin has a few different options depending on skin type.

They have an Age Management Set that has a targeted age recovery routine, Classic Maintenance Set if everything is normal and dad just want to keep things the same and a Correction trio, which helps combat signs of fatigue, like dark circles around eyes if dad is a bit of a workaholic and doesn’t get too much sleep.

Frank & Oak

Cost varies, shipping extra

Get $30 off the first box and no styling fee using code “BUTTER”!

If your dad has a polo shirt for every day of the week, plus one for special occasions, you may want to consider getting dad a Frank & Oak Style Plan subscription gift card. You’re never too old for a glow up. The Style Plan subscription lets your dad try a few pieces every month, keep what he likes and send back what he doesn’t want. That means that he won’t have a drastic makeover like Steve Carrell’s character in Crazy, Stupid Love (available to stream on Netflix), but he’ll have a more gradual glow up.

Frank & Oak pieces are minimal in style, so if your dad isn’t one for prints like Carole Baskin or bold, eye-catching colours like RuPaul, this is the fashion subscription for him. If he’s more the Carole Baskin/RuPaul fashion type, let us know and we’ll compile a list of colourful subscription boxes just for your dad.

The pricing for a Style Plan box can vary. Each box has 4 items between $29 to $149 each. There’s a styling fee of $25, but if your dad keeps at least one item, the styling fee cost is deducted from the product. For example, if your dad keeps a shirt that costs $35, he’d just spend $35. If your dad doesn’t like anything, he’d need to use $25 from the gift card to cover the styling fee. Gift cards start at $25 and go all the way up to $500.


$6.42 USD/month, 2 month free trial

We’ve all seen people post a Google Earth looking map with orange squiggly lines. If you’re like me and had no idea what it was, it’s from an internet service called Strava. According to friend of Butter, Ben, it’s the oldest “sports social network”, in addition to letting you track exercise and even providing you with smart coaching on your running performance.

If your dad has been complaining about having a bit of a tire around his waist lately, and has already downloaded a “couch to 5k” program or if your dad is basically ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes, you can gift him a Strava subscription so he can keep track of his workout routes, compete with family and friends, and it’ll even give him some more content for the weekly family round-up emails!

Strava has a free version, but if you think your dad will get a kick of the paid version features, which include heatmaps of all of the places the user has ever biked and run, a running course generator equipped with the ability to see predefined bits of road where users can see a “best of” list of everybody who ever took that route and more. Ben is so dedicated to Strava that he also keeps track of what shoes he’s using to run. Yes, there’s a place on Strava where you can keep track of what shoes you wear so others can see. It’s a thing, apparently. Runners.

The Roasters Pack

Starting at $26.95/month, free shipping

Get $5 off the first month!

My dad can’t even open his eyes without a cup of coffee in the morning. Despite loving coffee, he’s not big on experimenting with different types. This is where The Roasters Pack can come in! They create monthly coffee packages showcasing a coffee pack from 3 independent coffee roasters around Canada. Dad fulfilling his coffee needs and supporting Canadian businesses? Count mine in.

In addition to awesome Canadian coffee, your dad will receive tasting notes, descriptions, sourcing information and even discounts if he falls in love with them. They also have different types of subscriptions depending on your dad’s coffee preferences like filtered coffee, espresso and decaf for the dads who are just in it for the taste. Then, you’ll also choose how much coffee you’d like, depending on if your dad likes a cup of Joe in the morning only or if your dad needs coffee every hour, on the hour.


Starting at $73/year

My dad loves driving. I think his Dodge Caravan is his third favourite child, right after our two dogs that he didn’t initially want. My dad would sooner drive to Dallas, Texas than fly there. Why Dallas? Because he drove there for a friend’s wedding. That’s right - my parents drove to Dallas when I was in 11th grade and I had to eat frozen Japanese curry and rice in Ziploc containers for 2 weeks (they took the scenic route).

The point is, if anything happened to the old car, my dad would want to make sure that it got the best primary care possible and in Canada, that’s CAA! Whether it’s a jolt of some battery juice or a tow to your dad’s favourite garage, CAA has you covered. If your dad has a boat or an RV, you can get a CAA membership for those vehicles too!


Starting at $39, free shipping

I don’t know when socks became public enemy number one when it came to gift giving. We need to change the narrative here. Socks are awesome. Unless you live near a beach in Australia or on a desert-island, you’re going to need socks.

In Canada, you need summer socks, winter socks and boots socks. Good socks are expensive and sometimes, dad might opt for boring, cheap socks with no personality so he can buy you that Nintendo Switch game you were harping about. With this subscription, you can give back to your dad so he can think of you and smile every time he puts his socks on.

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Don't let unwanted subscriptions creep up on you.

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